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Don't know where to start. Hi, my name is Nadia. I have lost the weight. know I would like to tone my body, but also eat the right food to keep my body lean. Any suggestions. 



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Hi Nadia. 

regarding working out - there are several options - gym (working out with fitness trainer or without), or joining a group - like aerobics yoga, cross fit etc.. or working out at home - which is the cheapest choice - check our channel in this case and follow instructions -

Every workout session should start with a warm -up , that's basically easy cardio training. Continue either with a more serious cardio training or weights. Work on different  muscle groups - working out with weights (min 2 kg each) is highly recommended. if you have any questions that are more specific, go ahead and ask ... 

Regarding nutrition - stick to the basics. 

Instead sodas and juices - water. 

When drinikng coffee/tea - minimize sugar or use stevia.

Eat lean meat - chicken breasts, turkey lean beef cuts.

veggies - broccoli, Brussel sprouts, all leafy veggies, ... 

In omeletes use more egg whites and less yolks (for example 4 whites, 1 yolk) 

fruit - never in the evening. it is best to consume it by 4 pm or right after exercise (because of glucose to repair muscles) 

minimize carbs like bread or pastas - I am not saying cut them off but minimize. And when consuming carbs - use whole grains and avoid white bread, white pastas..

if you have any questions, you know where to find me ;)  



Hi Nadia! here are general tips for eating, (assuming you are healthy and have no special diet recommendations) :

1. eat fruit, vegetables, whole grains, fat-free and low fat dairy products, fish and lean meat

2. avoiding eating : foods with to much sodium (salt0, saturated fat, sugar, frefined grains

3. drink 2lwater per day

4. balance calories with physical activity. Do 60 min/day of physical activity ( you may need an instructor to tell you what are the best exercise for you)

At the end is all about changing your life style and don’t go back to old patterns of behavior.



firstly, well done on your weight loss. sometimes when their is a large amount of weight loss it can cause baggy skin syndrome which can be distressing for the person who has worked so hard to lose their weight. Exercise is excellent for toning and short bursts of roughly half an hour throughout the day can help you achieve this. Try and incorporate exercise as part of your day to day routine and try to keep it fun. Walking, running and swimming alongside the short bursts of higher activity exercise can all help in toning muscles. Eat sensibly, small meals throughout the day with plenty of fruit and veg is recommended. Avoid all highly processed or junk food and keep clear of sugary fizzy drinks. These changes to your lifestyle can sustain and enhance your weight loss.