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I am 149 pounds and 5'4.  I am trying to loose 20 pounds. I don't eat a lot to begin with and I do yoga twice a week and pilates twice a week also. I also attend zumba class once a week. 

What kind of cardio can I do to loose 20 pounds. Running is out for me because my whole body itches when I run. 

Your help is greatly appreciated


Based on height/weight charts, if you are a male, you are not overweight. If you are a female, you are slightly overweight (17 lbs). But remember, those charts are almost always on the skinny side meaning you probably are just fine at your present weight. 

However, if you still want to lose 20 pounds, and I don't recommend you try and lose that much, and you don't want to include changes in your diet, and you think cardio will get you there, and you don't want to run, try an elliptical trainer or rowing or cycling. I really don't know why you think you need more cardio since you already do zumba. Isn't that a fair amount of cardio itself?

You say you don't eat much now. Perhaps if you cut out say, 50 to100 calories a day and continued on our current regiment of exercise, you could lose a few pounds a month easily. 

Good luck!