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Okay, my girlfriend and I were dry dumping today and it got pretty intense. I was wearing jeans, basketball shorts, and boxers while she was wearing some panties and jeans. We were doing it till she had an orgasm? and until we both cummed. I guess my cum went through all my clothing and stained her jeans. But my cum got on her a few inches away from her genital area(I think) but the stain wasnt pretty small. She was wearing very thin underwear too tho. Im just pretty scared and worried.


I would have to say the risk is VERY VERY low. Sperm would have had to make it through what you describe as 5 layers of clothes, then into her vagina, then make it successfully to the egg, which would have to be fertile at the time. The odds are way way way way against that happening.

On a side old are you - and how much do you cum that it can make it through that many layers? It must be a ridiculous amount!