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Im 12 and 5'4 maybe 5'4.5 I weigh about 160 pounds. I have big boobs, which I cant do much about, and a pretty big stomach (it sticks out over my pants and shirt, but it doesnt like hang or anything), I also have big legs, though mostlof it is muscle from cheerleading, I have a bitnof fat on my thighs though. I just want tk be more confident. I will do anyhing except take pills. I starve myself, I only eat like 5 carrots a day and I drink water. It doesnt work. When I do eat, I always throw up after, but nothing works


As you are very fat according to your age and height so you must do exercises, you should walk daily in early morning for atleast 15 to 25 min wihout non stop and also do thigh exercises and also take limited and fresh diet.