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I am 13 and a half. I weigh 125 pounds and I'm 5'5'', and I know that's not considered overweight or anything but my stumac is fat. I feel VERY uncomfortable in a swimsuit, and I can't seem to actually go through with my goal. I want to look flat,thin, and healthy. I am very dedicated to my schoolwork so it's very hard fo me to exersize for long periods of time, because I don't have very much time for anything. Plus, I end up going to bed later than I should, just to get my schoolwork done. Please help me, it's embarrassing considering especially considering all my friends are skinny and they eat like pigs. I really want this, please help.. I need to be motivated!!!


sweet girl..

i suggest you to exercise.

for only 15-30 min a day... i think, you can spare that much time out of you studies.

you gonna get many exercises from youtube for flat belly.. in my country, youtube is ban, so, i cannot search it for you. apology for that.

then, if we consider diet, quit baked items and things which have wheat in it.. and a little workout is required with that.

good luck



3 simple rules young lady....1 is a 40 minute walk every day,doesnt have to be a powerwalk or anything just walking alone helps with belly fat....2 cut meal portions by 1/3 this is seriously good for you..4get all the videos and youtube stuff for its all a waste of time...3 the more you worry and think about it the more stressed you become..fact..stress can increase body wejght bigtime........4get all the exspensive health food and stuff just change your daily lifestyle a little and i guarantee you will see the results especially with the 40 minute walk...dont bother looking at your skinny friends 2 much either cos it makes you feel worst...i know these facts 100%...good luck nd god bless


I know exactly how you feel! I'm 14 (girl) who cosplays, so I researched ways of losing abdominal weight. Since you're busy like me, what I do is: •While reviewing I would keep the book in front of me and do yoga and palettes for 15 minutes. (Butterflies, and doing PE warmups really helps lol) •Drink A LOT of water •Stay away from carbs (sugar and starch) and "sugar frees" and juices (apple, ice tea, etc) •Take a random walk, or try doing a sport when you know you can't and end up failing (Ex: I tried to do baseball but I ended up running everywhere to find the balls which really ends up as a good hour exercise) •Bike rides help with the lower areas and thighs •Crunches and leg ups (When you keep your arms by your sides and raise your leg then try keeping them lowered at 6inches from the ground) •Eat well •Eat somethig in the morning since it'll start your metabolism! It'll burn off too! Also just since your friends are skinny and they eat a lot, you have to consider their metabolism and what they do.


I think u sleep too much , it is recomended by docters that u wake up early. if fell fell more sleepy then u can take a nap afterwards bt u jst go out of ur house , n be walking fr an hour or so, if u donwant to wate time go with ur books,

Secondly u wait fr the results , everything dosent happen in days.

Thirdly dont be sitting everytime.

Lastly go fr exercises.


Not enough sleep, worry, and stress all kick your adrenals and make belly fat. Get plenty of sleep and daily exercise. Portion control. The secrets of getting and staying thin:
Eat frequently. When you get hungry, you are more likely to pig out.
Avoid sugar- it is your enemy.
Veggies and protein are your friends.
Avoid fast food. It is loaded with sugar, and empty carbs.
Avoid fatty fried food in excess.
Exercise regularly, like every day.
Eat slowly.
Accept and love yourself.