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plz helap plz!


Are you a girl or guy?

For girls: slow, medium pace or fast rub your clit (the little nub above your vagina opening)                rub your clit gentle, medium strength or harder maybe squeeze it a little               as well as finger yourself when you are wet inside, insert 2 fingers but 1 can move around inside better than 2 and give you more pleasure as you stroke yourself inside - perhaps you can find your g-spot located 2 inches inside and above your vaginal opening, squeeze this hard and fast which can make some woman squirt

Just remember not all females can 'come'/orgasm.  It can be elusive but do keep trying as you may achieve more times than some females can.  There are good websites out there that have step-by-step instructions on how to make you squirt, give it a try.  Post back with how you did and what you did to make you 'come'.

For guys: stroke yourself, rub yourself up and down motions and circular motions, fast, slow whatever you like.  Make sure you rub the head nice and slow which gives you good pleasure.