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Hi, I heard that lifting heavy weights will be pulling your whole
body down, but what if I lift by sitting on a chair? Does it has a difference?
I lifted 12-15kg(10-12reps) per arm and 20kg(5-7reps) per arm last year starting from June to Dec at age of 15. Approximately maximum for 90days. Will I stop growing taller or start growing again if I stop lifting those heavyweights?

Now I'm just doing bodyweight exercises. Will I stop growing heightnow? I'll be reaching 16 this March. I need to know whether may I still grow taller? Please and thank you.

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ok kid, i'm 16 and i'm getting into bodybuilding, let me just tell you that weights like that will not make you short, the truth is, our body has to lift 4 times heavier than it's own to get short, and standing or sitting do not make any difference, sitting just prevent you from back injuries. and if u really wanna to get tall do not do compound movements, squats, deadlifts. take care of your diet too, take more calories and do not try to take supplements without any consultance, some supplements change our growth hormones, try to lift the weight in a full range, dont bounce or cheat, it'll damage ur tendons and ligaments, thus causing bone fusion which will prevent you from getting taller. and 1 thing, just tell yourself your doing the rite thing, the mind always gave great effects on the body, you are what you think. :-D