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Hi I was wanting to know the pros and cons of body-free weights. I'm a farely skinny guy 154 lbs 6ft and wanted to start working out. I'm wanting to aim 190-200 lbs. I already have a body weight station that lets you do pull up, push up, dips etc. But wich would be the best route


What a great question! You want to gain roughly 45 pounds so the first thing I suggest is to learn to be patient. Muscle takes time to build NO MATTER what you read in any magazine. Every supplement company relies heavily on MARKETING so they will appeal to your every desire to make you part with your had earned money. Remember, first and foremost supplements are called that becuase they are SUPPLEMENTAL to your diet (I prefer to call it eating plan).

The big secret to muscle growth is to tax your muscles beyond their normal operating range. This means beyond failure. There are no magic routines or hard fast rules as to how you reach failure and beyond, it's a learned experiance like perfecting a golf swing. When you take a muscle beyond its capabilities, then and only then will it start to grow. If you are working within the muscle's ability it will not get bigger.

Mankind has been around for thousands of years and we have evolved to carry only as much muscle as necessary to perform our daily tasks becuase muscle requires a lot more nutrients. Food has not been readily available until the last 75'ish years so we are pre-disposed to NOT grow muscle. You have to work against that genetic programming by establishing an environment in which your body will allow the muscle to grow. You have to eat by the clock, not by hunger cravings. This keeps your body from cannabalizing protein from muscle to carry out its functions.

Sorry, back to the original question:

As long as you can learn how to take each muscle group past the point where it 'fails' you can grow muscle with very basic movements. The key is to break up your muscle groups and train them seperately with days of rest built in. Example:

Day 1 chest/shoulders/triceps

- Push ups, dips, reverse push ups

Day 2 REST

Day 3 Quads/Hamstrings/Calves

- Lunges, sissy squats, free squats, wide stance (Frog) squats, stiff leg deadlifts, standing calf raises

Day 4 REST

Day 5 Lats/Biceps

-Chins, close grip pull ups (biceps curl grip)

Day 6 REST

Day 7 REST

If you complete each rep in a slow and controlled manner and prevent any momentum the muscles should be doing all the work instead of the joints. Remember quality NOT quantity is what counts.

Read the push up thread for a good chest workout.