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I have many tip for muscle gain..

1) Compound practices are your best devices for development. Utilize them.


2) Eat your largest grub of the day around 30 to 60 minutes after you lift weights.

3) Get solid! There are no powerless weight lifters. You don't need to end up being a powerlifter, however you do necessity to breathtakingly enhance your quality over what it is presently.

4) Squats are above all else of the muscle makers, and they are not awful for your knees unless your structure is horrendous or alternately you are half- squatting.

5) Deadlift. Assuming that squats are best, deadlifts are second in charge. They are not awful for your back unless your structure is repulsive.

6) Learn legitimate structure. Read each article, and watch each motion picture you can on legitimate practice structure. There is no reason for having below average very impressive squat and deadlift shape.

7) Balance your upper figure work. This methods equivalent venture for midsection, back and shoulders. Quit doing 7 actions for midsection and just lat pull downs for back. Parity will keep you strong, solid and encourage to stave off shoulder issues.


Thanks man. This does sound like a good workout. What other exercises do you recommend?

I mostly do push ups and sit ups.

I do these 4 times per week, 20 sets and 17 push ups per set with 2 mins of rest in between sets.