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im 13 years old and has not long ago lost my virginity 2 my boyfriend that ive been going out wiv for about 7 mouths now. we went to his house after school and did it there. after a day are so i started to get a bloated belly and feel sick all the time. im defo not pregnant but i dont know why im gettin this, it might be because im so young and my hole is way to small are if its normal. what ever the reason its not a nise feeling and i wish id never of had sex in the first place. DO U KNOW WHY?



   I don't think your feeling ill because you have just had sex for the first time, unless it's stressing you out. You may be coming down with something, as there is something going around. I was sick to my stomach for 5 days straight just a few weeks ago. When you say your def not pregnant, did your bf use a condom?

I'm not going to launch into mommy mode and read you the riot act, you did not come here for that, enough said.

Kee an an eye on your symptoms and if your feeling worse, you may want to mention it to your mom, it could just be the flu or a general illness setting in. In the meantime, if your going to continue having sex with your bf, please make sure that you make him use protection, if he didn't already. Your so young and you def don't need a baby at this stage of your life, not only an unwanted pregnancy but an STD is a nasty thing as well.