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I'm 15 and I've never masterbated before, but now I'm interested in doing it. But I have no clue what to do. I've read about like using a electirc tooth brush, but like where do u put it? I honestly know NOTHING about like parts in my va/gina so someone who would like to get in detail and explain? Pleaaaase help!!!


You apply the BACKSIDE of the toothbrush head to wherever it feels good.

Honestly, you should pick up a copy of one of these books: "Sex for One" by Bette Dodson or "Our Bodies, Ourselves" by the women's collective.

Both should be available on Amazon. com or from your large local bookseller at the mall. Check them out.


Visual Diagram:
1. The lip like skin = labia
2. The small round top of the labia (Closest to bellybutton) = Clitoris
3. Lower opening = Vaginal opening

Many girls directly stimulate the clitoris. Usually with electric toothbrushes, cellphone vibrators, fingers, etc. (A very common practice is to lay down in the tub with their legs spread under the faucet and let water run from the faucet onto their clitoris.)
Many insert objects into the vaginal opening. Fingers, brush handels, sharpies, etc.

Just go slow and use a soft touch. Use lubrication if inserting objects. Clean any objects you may use.