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Im 17 and my first time having sex was with my ex boyfriend. We were talking and he was coming over, well the other night we had sex for the first time that we've known each other. I just got off my period and im scared that i might be pregnant. I cant tell my parents cause they would kill me and my ex, only my ex his mom and i are the only ones who know. HIs mom is going to get me a test in a few weeks but im having pain in my lower stomach area. Could that be a sign of pregnancy? Im really scared and i dont know what to do.


How long after getting off of your period did you have sex? Was it around two weeks after the first day of your menstrual cycle? Did he use any kind of protection? Although he was your first and only has he had any other sexual partners? Yes pain in your lower stomach is a sign of pregnancy but also a sign of period and stress. When is your next period due? And if your going to be sexually active you need to talk to your parents or atleast one of them about getting on birth control to help prevent unwanted pregnancy. Some states you can go to a health department at 17 and get birth control without parental consent.