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I'm 17 yrs old and I had sex on the 8th of june after my period. Now I'm scared that if I might be pregnant. My question is,can you still prevent pregnancy after 3 weeks after you had sex?I'm really scared because I'm to young to have a baby and I really don't want to do abortion,I still don't know because I get my period nxt month like on the first days, is there anything I can do to prevent a pregnancy after 3 weeks? Please let me know because I'm really scared and I know that me and my boyfriend are not ready to have baby to take care of.Can you please help me,and if you know any kind of pill or anything that can help me with my problem,please let me know,I will really appreciate it if you can inorm me.Thank you!! :-)


NO, 3 weeks is too late hun! YOU did have the option of a morning after pill, BUT ONLY 5 DAYS after unprotected sex!

You need to take a first response EARLY pregnancy test! It is accurate about 4-5 days before a missed period!

IF you are NOT pregnant, you may want to consider getting on birth control. NO parental consent is needed at all =)