Hi this is gonna be so long please read until the end... so on March 27, me and by bf did oral sex and he fingered me (we were both naked) He says he never came but that month my period was suppose to start on Saturday March 31. It was like 4 days late and started Thursday april 5. I was stressed as hell so maybe that’s y it was late. My period although late seemed normal from what I can remember. Heavy bleeding with clots and for 5 or so days so I’m pretty sure it’s not implantation bleeding. (Unless it is...R.I.P) a month later (now) my period was suppose to be on may 7 but it’s may 12 and I’m 5 days late. Is there anyway I could be pregnant?? My ovulation was a week before me and my bf did stuff (according to my calendar) anyways, I’m 5 days late, little to no discharge and I feel like im started to have pregnancy symptoms (late period, bloating, headaches, huge boobs) could someone please help me understand ...? Im extremely worried and stressed out to the point where I’m not eating as well :/ I’m terrified and unable to get my hands on a pregnancy test cuz I’m only 16