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After eating my boyfriend gets upset stomachs and always has to take some type of antacid. He gets really bad stomach pains also from time to time. Today on his left side beneath the ribs he had a bad attack and had to pull off to the side of the road. He said it felt like he got stabbed and he started seeing stars. The pain lasted for about 5minutes. He felt dizzy afterwards also. Does anyone know what this could be? please help! I'm worried about him.

PS- he had tests done of his stomach and so far everything has come back negative. I'm not sure what tests he's had done but if we had a direction it would help.


Have his doctors check him for pancreatitis. What he is experiencing sounds exactly like it. I have reoccuring pancreatitis. Have him checked immediately, this is very dangerous. I put my off thinking it was nothing serious and I barely got to the hospital in time, they told me if I waited a couple more hours my pancreas would have busted. And you can't live without a pancreas. If he has it depending on the degree of the case they will hospitalize him and give him only an iv for a few days, that way the pancreas can rest