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I'm going into 9th grade and we will have to take showers in the locker room and I am self conscious of my penis size. I don't know if I have started puberty or not. I have dark hair on the base of my penis and little on my scrotum.I don't have any armpit hair and I want to know if I have started puberty and what to expect next or how long it will take. Thanks please reply.


Hi Cam

You have most definitely started puberty which is indicated by your growth of pubic hair it sounds like that you are in the early stages of puberty.

Everyone grows and develops at different rates and times and how long the process takes or what the end result will be is hard to predict.

I think your growth and development it pretty much on track for being 14 you may be a bit behind some of your friends and classmates but are probably further along than some as well.

Your concerns of your size is very common among guys your age as the locker and showers can be very intimidating but there will be lots of guys your size, some smaller and some larger as people come in all sizes the same is true about the penis.

You have started puberty and you will continue to grow taller and become more developed, grow more hair, your voice will change and your penis will grow as well.

So try not worry soon enough you will be going through all the changes associated with puberty and you have definitely started to experience some of the changes and are growing and developing just as you should be.