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I have always had the feeling as thought I am the odd one out. I am a pretty anxious person and knew that I was going to grow later than everyone else. When I was ten or eleven I started to grow pubic hair but there was no change to my penis size. Currently I still have a high pitched voice, curly and a fair few pubic hairs (that sometimes irritate my skin), have like tree hairs under my armpits but no change to my penis. I am worried as other kids have otherwise

please help my lack of growth honestly makes me feel worthless.


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Hi Guest

With starting puberty at 10 or 11 your development is probably well ahead of many of your friends and classmates.

Your penis still has lots of time to grow and being 14 your no where near being done growing.

Many guys  feel they are smaller but unless your really underdeveloped you are probably around the size range that is considered average for your age.

Your size shouldn't make you feel bad about yourself they come in all sizes and no doubt even if your a bit smaller it still works just fine.

Most likely all you need is more time to grow and develop.