Hi everyone....

Im new on here and really wanted to see if there is anyone else who is suffering with the same as myself.

Im 31 and have been getting kidney stones and infections for the last 9/10 yrs. Always in the right Kidney.
I have had lithotripsy twice, lots of uretheroscopys and key hole surgery most recent to remove a large stone.
I have also passed 2 stones which occured when I was 17 weeks pregnant with my son (who is now 5).

I currently have a stone which my urologist says is not in the collecting zone of my kidney. He says its in the lower pole of the kidney.
I am constantly in pain and am on long term anti-biotics to keep infections at bay.
My consultant tells me that the stone is small and may not be the source of the pain and that scarring on my kidney could be what is causing this.

would like to hear from anyone else with similar or any advice would be great.