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im 15 and had unprotected sex with my mate at my friends party. i found out i was pregnant and have been for the last 3months. i cant keep the baby and i cant let anyone in my family find out im pregnant. i want to have an abortion but im too scared and i heard you have to go with someone who is 18 or over. i have a few friends who are 18 but they are all male. i cant possibly ask them to come with me. please give me advice im so scared.


Since you have the internet at your disposal, find out what the law is for your state on having an abortion without your parents consent. The first thing I think you should do is contact a planned parenthood office in your area. They can help with counceling and tell you exactly what to expect and what your options are.

I really think that calling or visiting a planned parenthood office as soon as possible is going to answer your questions best. They're the ones that are best up to date on the laws in your state.