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hi im 16 and im real worried about this problem i have their 3 pimples around my genital area they have white stuff in them and i have no clue what they are from, im still a virgin, but im worried if this is gonna affect anything when i have sexual contact as in trying to get a baby, please i need help.


Hi honey! Since you are still a virgin, it is NOT an STD or STI! So there will be no problems with sexual contact or having a baby OK?! :-)

Now there are a few things this could be:

1. Ingrown hairs - do you shave down there?
2. You have a little yeast infection - you don't need to have discharge and smell for one to exist
3. you have acne or blocked pores?
4. Allergy to scented detergent, or tight clothing!

Due to what is coming out of the pimples then I would say it is either ingrown hairs/blocked pores/allergy! Due to where it is, it is VERY hard to keep clean. But here are some tips OK?

1. Wash with unscented detergent!
2. Wash with a non soap cleanser - such as Spectrogel or Physioderm
3. NEVER use talc powder!
4. Wear Cotton underwear!
5. Don't wear tight clothing!
6. Shower daily, only take a bath on special occaisions - due to sitting in scented water and not totally clean water!
7. NEVER pop the pimples, just use polysporin or even calamine lotion on them! To dry them up!
8. IF you do shave, STOP - as it is hard NOT to get ingrown hairs - due to the thickness of pubic hair - and this will continue being a problem! That's why some women wax!

Try the above out for a week! IF nothing works, then I would like you to try Monistat or another 5 day yeast infection over the counter medication. Use it ALL, as IF it is yeast related, if you stop when you feel better, it WILL come back!!

NOW if NONE of the above work, you will need to go see your doctor, just to make sure you don't have an infection. And even though you might be embarrassed about this, it is a good thing at your age, to start having open communication with your doctor about your sexual organs, and noticing if there are any differences going on! BUT I truly think the above should cure whatever is going on down there! Because this happens ALL the time to women! It's just that sort of place that's all!!

Good luck and health honey, I hope this puts your mind at ease a little!!


It's such an easy assumption to make taht youv'e got an STD but you really have to engage in dangerous behavior to get an STD first! For the rest of your life, there may be random spots that show up around your genitals from time to time (I think I just has a pimple fade recently actually). I hope that helps you. What do you think?