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I'm 18 , female , 5ft 4in , and wiegh 315lbs. I'm hoping to loose 180lbs before graduation in May 2013 !! I need some help on trying to find the right path. I've tried dieting but it only led me to want to eat more and sometimes cheat like eating more of the foods that I've craved then the ones that were really good for me. I've been overweight pretty much my whole life. I have a very low self-esteem and want to build my self-esteem through weight loss. My older brothers and sister would have pick on me for being slightly bigger then they were. Weight gain for started in elementary school when my dad died and when my brother molested me over and over again. I thought if i got fatter then he wouldn't touch me anymore. But, that only made things worse for me. Now , I'm sitting here 315 pounds and this is the fatest I've ever been!!! And , boy do I tell you I ABSOLUTELY hate it. I always make up excuses why I can't hang with my friends and I'm starting to loose touch with them because we don't hang out and I'm scared of going to job interviews because of my weight. I used to love shopping but now I hate going because the fat people stores have ugly clothes that aren't my style.  Since my little sister was forced to leave me about 9 months ago I've lost my motativation to keep up the idea of loosing weight.

I know it's a lot about my life but I'm hoping someone out there will be touched by the reasons I'm desparte to loose weight in 11 months and would love to help show me the way to jump start my weight loss before my graduation!!

Sincerly ,

  Trouble With Weight Loss !!!!


I wish you luck in your journey! I hope everything works out for you, and you feel better about yourself. 

First, I suggest walking. Everyday! I would say for an hour. It seems like alot and it will be hard, but once you start seeing results, it will be easier!  This will also give you more energy to go longer and farther, and you will FEEL BETTER!!  and remember, EVERYDAY!!

and if you start feeling like this isn't a good enough challenge, then start jogging, or try a gym membership-but you have to do it as much as possible. At your age, your heart rate should be in between 140 and 170 when you workout to get the results you want. (count your heart beats for 6 seconds and multiply by 10 to get your heart rate.) also, even when your walking you need to get your heart rate up to here-so don't just "go for a cruise", power walk! challenge yourself!

Second, you should start eating less, and more often. It is better for you to eat like 5 times a day with less food.  I eat a small breakfast (special k cereal) with a glass of hot tea, have either a 100 calorie pack or special k bar at 10, a small lunch, and another snack around 4, then a small dinner and I even give myself a "dessert" at night-usually a special k fruit crisp (these are SO yummy!!)  I suggest Special K, it may be kind of expensive, but it tastes so good!

Also, it will help you to drink a bottle of water each time before you eat, it will fill you up so you definately will eat less.

I am not good at watching what's in my food (that's probably why I'm not having results as fast as I would like), but stay away from Saturated Fat and Trans Fat as much as possible--those are very bad for you! Just look on the label before you buy/eat.


again, good luck- I hope you start feeling better about yourself, you are beautiful on the inside, and that's what counts!



I was touched by your story and just wanted to encourage you.
I'm in no way a health expert and I am not a nutritionist or anything like that. I'm just a regular girl who has also had some weight problems. The things I'm sharing with you are things that have worked for me and things that have made me loose weight even without realising it. 
I would definitely suggest power walking for an hour to start with. That's what I started with and now I jog for an hour. Go for as many days as you can but I will suggest you do at least 5 days. Don't forget to do some stretches before your walk and take some water with you so you don't get dehydrated. Trust me, it definitely worked for me.
The second thing I will suggest is eating less portions. You can do that easily by using a smaller plate when eating. 
Also before eating anything, ask yourself "Am I really hungry?". Try not to eat anything after 8:00pm to start with and then you can move that to 7:00pm as you get on. 

Don't worry if you slip (which you would) just try to pick yourself up once you do. Remember that the power to change is in your hand and you hold the key. When you feel down or sad, you can choose to remain in that state or you can pull yourself out of it and decide to be in a good mood. The way you feel is usually a conscious decision that you make whether you are aware of it or not.  
Good luck hun


Smoke weed ;D