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Hi, i'm 14 years old 5'5 && weigh 160 lbs. This id horrible, i cried when i saw this number on the scale. I have 1 month until my graduation && a school trip to six flags which involves the water park, so swim suit time.... all of my friends are tiny little pretty girls, with my best friend being 5'2 && 97lbs i feel horrible about my self. I have about one month to loose some weight, i need to loose 30-40 lbs in this month i dont care if i starve my self i will do what ever it takes. also i need anything that would be like an appetite killer. PLEASE help!? thanks


Please don't starve yourself. If you want to  loose weight do it the right way okay? Starving yourself is just going to make it harder to loose in the long run. If you start to eat regularly again you will gain more weight back. If you want to loose some weight here is what you should do:

BREAKFAST: Special K cereal, W/banana or some Oatmeal W/banana(oatmeal will give you energy and it will keep you full longer) oh yeah if you don't have any of that you could also make you 2 pieces of peanut butter toast with a glass of milk.

snack before lunch: any one of these: fruit with some water/ special K bar/ 100 calorie pack/ a piece of toast

LUNCH: Ham sandwich with wheat bread, low fat mayo, cheese
small glass of milk

snack after lunch: any one of these.. cup of fruit/special K bar/ 100 calorie packs/

DINNER: Anything you want. Just don't eat 4 hours before bed.

Hope this helps you! Let me know how you do! You can do it! Ask your mom to buy some of these if you don't have any. You will loose weight. It will take time. You have to stick to your eating schedule THAT IS THE KEY. Also, choose any day out of the week to eat what ever you want to eat because if you don't then its going to be harder for you to stick to a diet. Don't be too hard on yourself! :)


NO FAST FOOD, POP, OR SUGARS!!!! That will help along with exercising and eating good foods (fruits, veggies, etc). Take the c**p, no offense I'm doing this as well, out of your system and your body will run better. Also starving yourself is going to make it worse. Also drink lots of water!!! Some weight may be water weight.

Good luck!!! ;)