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Over the last few months, I never feel 100%, I get headaches, stomache pains, Im not eating as much as I used to be and when I do its just junk =/. I have no energy much anymore, everything I do seems like such an effort to do. I always feel tired, wanting to sleep all the time. I spend most months feeling constipated too. Im never in a good mood, which I cant help. I wake up with a weight on my head..well thats what it feels like. I dont understand, Im normally a really outgoing, happy person. But nothing is like that anymore :-( ?

Can anyone help? Am I just having a bad couple of months? Is there something wrong with me? Or not?

Thanks x


Sounds like fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome. These can also be symptoms of chronic depression. Regular exercise and massage therapy may help alleviate your symptoms. Psyllium fiber supplement may be helpful with your constipation.