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Hi i am ashley i have been on methadone for about two years now before that a year or two of pain medications i have been going down five mg a week and i wasnt feeling it till i hit 20 mgs i was so excited that i could tolerate the pain. my strength was off but atleast i was ok. i took malatonin to help me sleep it worked for a while, now that i am on day three off methadone it will not work. i am still happy i am off cause in the end i know i did the right thing for my family and myself it is hard. i have not slept for the past three days and i still tend to my three beautiful children. i have been experiencing alot of emotions and pain. but all i can say to myself is take a look at those beautiful children they need you the real you. i am tired. hey i was tired on methadone too.. i pray this dont last as long as i think and i can hopefully get help from the doctors today.. i am so proud to say i have done this and i know i will not relapse.. so stay strong everyone i know it sucks you want it to be over you want the worst to be done but when you are running in your sleep at night praying whatever your signs are think it will get better, cause i know in my heart it will and it will be worth it..


so lunesta? i need to go get a new medication that has no narcotics in it, i need to sleep that is a fact.. if i dont so what i will just keep it going...

Yes your mind plays games with you, i have thought alot more than i ever have before. its wierd.

thanks for evryone. who has inspired me.. its worth it..


i feel you your doing the right thing and please keep it up.

that said methadone is a very rough wd. just keep in mind you WILL get better. its a long road i know. it gets worst before it gets better dont get discouraged. fyi you cant die from opiate w/d. only benzos and alcohol. 


meds that will help you. these are all good none narcotic. they wont take your symptoms away but help keep the edge off. (i tryed these and helped me some but i was so feed up with all meds after a week i choose nothing. i didnt sleep a wink for a week but you gotta  fall asleep sometime right.)

vistral - for anxiety (need prescription if not, its just like benadryl but strong kinda)

clonidine - BP med helps with alot of WD symptoms

trazadone - its an anti-depressant really help good for sleep. only take at night.

also get a really good multivitamin. really helps.


consult a dr about meds always. these are a very safe option tho. 


hope this helps some