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:-) Hi All,

This is my first post here and I hope I don't screw it up. Medications have made me weightloss challenged and lack of activity due to my disability. I found a company and product that I wanted to try and it is a total body detoxifying process and I chose the 9 Day Cleanse. No running to the bathroom with this program. As we all know fat collects and holds water. In the first three days of the cleanse I lost 13lbs. I'm 52 and 5'11" tall. My starting weight was 268.5lbs. By the time I finished this weightloss program I had lost 20.5lbs and 5.25 inches. It is nutricionally balanced and recommended by many GI doctors.

I am now expecting my wife, who is clinically obese, to start the program this week. She has gone to WW since last Jan. I want her to be the biggest loser at the meeting. ;-)


Hello,I am in the same EXACT cituation.And I almost started to cry when I seen That u lost that much weight.Can you please tell me what detox This was? Please,I am at the end of my rope.Thank you Kim