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I am hoping someone can give me some advice. I am well overweight and I know eat. The thing is, I have fallen in love now and I am working up the courage to ask Mr Lovely out. But I need to lose the weight first! So how do I lose loads of weight fast? Have you done it? Please let me in on your secret: how did you do it? Cheers!


Hi Jacky1398

It depends on what's your idea of 'fast'. For some, losing 30 pounds in 6 months is fast while others want to do it in a week or two. Two quick weight loss methods that are dangerous is using a diuretic (water pill) + synthetic thyroid hormone drug simultaneously or going on a starvation diet. The first option can damage your kidneys and thyroid among other things and is never recommended. I mention this because some 'weight loss consultants' actually get these drugs from neighboring countries and sell it illegally to desperate people. Never do this. Starvation diets are nothing better than a yo-yo diet. Apart from a host of possible effects like fainting and dehydration, it will cause you to gain weight above and beyond your current weight.

From my experience, most people want to lose weight fast and without much effort. Unfortunately it is not that convenient. Start off by switching to a low GI (glycemic index) diet. A big contributor to high GI foods in our diet is the starches. Apart from the refined sugars, white flour is another huge problem that contributes to weight gain. This includes bread, burger buns in addition to pastries and pizzas. Switch to rice and pasta made from durum wheat but always use common sense in terms of portion sizes. Its not the ultimate answer but it is a start. If you can handle this change in your diet, then slowly move on to excluding and replacing other high GI foods.

Physical activity is important as well. Don't join the gym if you know that you will not stick to it. Find a friend to start a sport that you find fun. You don't have to play like a professional. Just have fun and make sure that you get at least 30 minutes of a workout three times a week. Anything less can be a strain on your body rather then being beneficial.

Once you lose the first few pounds, you will find that you are motivated to lose more, adopt a stricter diet and more coordinated workout program.

Weight loss is never easy so whatever course of action you choose, just hang in there. Good luck, both with your weight loss and relationship.


I lost 12 pounds in a week by a simple cleanse. it is not a forever treatment, and can be dangerous if done too extreme.
for the next 7 days, you will follow this routine everyday. also drink 8-10 cups of water everyday. *i tried this cleanse with and without drinking the diet green tea, and lost 2 extra pounds while drinking the diet green tea with almost every meal. PREPARE TO FEEL WEAK, HUNGRY, ANGRY, SAD, OR UNDERFED.

breakfast: a glass of diet green tea and an apple.

lunch: weight loss smoothie: (recipe: one half cup of low fat yogurt, a handful of strawberries, a half cup of spinach or lettuce, and one half cup of diet green tea) -yes this can be gross, but wash it down with water and just keep in mind how hot you're body's gonna look after this week is over.

Dinner: lean salad: (recipe: one cup of romaine lettuce, or spinach. a handful of carrots, (optional: add a handful or two of very lean meat to feed your hunger.)

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