I'm 19 and not planning to have a child so soon and I'm freaking out too , on 23rd feb I ended my 7 days period and 3 days later I has sex with my boyfriend and I believe I was ovulating as I was wet (sorry about that) and 6 days later I experienced bleeding , it was bleeding and not spotting , but it lasted for a week already , is it possible that it's implantation because I didn't experience any period like symptoms or implantation symptoms except for the fact that I was having cramps for like 10 mins in the morning a day before the bleeding started and on the 7th day I'm experiencing bleeding as well , bare in mind that my boyfriend is sure he did not finish in me but I'm worried because I was told guys might not be aware of whether they leaked or not ? Don't worry about precum because he didn't do anything beforehand. My period has always been irregular , and I read on the web that if I had a 22 days cycle ( which I did ) , I could be ovulating just a few days after my period ended , I'm worried , how many days later should I take a pregnancy test? I don't feel pregnant at all, was told that I would feel nausea and have tender boobs as a implantation symptom .