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Hi everyone, I’m Bill and have been following this forum after I have been diagnosed with type II diabetes 4 years ago. I currently take Glucophage and insulin, since I had 2 episodes whereby my suggests sky-rocketed and had to go to the emergency. I am in the business world and have periods of intense stress, which I tend to ‘’fight’’ with yoga and increased exercise. I understand that both psychological stress and exercise increase adrenaline surge and adrenaline decreases the effectiveness of insulin. Thus, should I increase my insulin dose? Anyone has some experience?


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Dear Bill, Let me first congratulate you on taking he responsible steps in managing your diabetes. It appears you have must have a very stressful job and thus, this may negtively impact your disease. To answer your question. Yes, adrenaline does increase the metabolism and will promote increased utilization of blood sugar. However, if you are exercising, sugar gets utilized by muscles and you should not wory about it. You should definitely keep track of your blood sugar levels and if you notice higher-than-usual-levels, go talk to your physician and discuss the matter with him/her. Keep on the good work. Best, Tom