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Is there anybody that knows anything about gestational diabetes out ther?  I am 36 weeks pregant and was told I have gestational diabetes so I have to take insulin shots for it.  So what is wrong with me ?  I don't have any insulin production going on anymmore?  Will I be diabetic for the rest of my life?


Congratulations on your pregnancy!  Don't fret about the next 4 weeks or so when it comes to the gestational diabetes and your insulin.  There is nothing "wrong" with you so you can put your mind at ease for that.  Your hormones are the culprits when it comes to messing up your body's insulin production.  For some reason, some pregnant women experience this and it has to be treated with diet, exercise, and sometimes medication and insulin.  It is healthier for you and the body to follow what your doctor prescribes to help you have the best pregnancy outcome.  After the baby is born, your insulin production should resume normally and you won't need the insulin shots anymore. 

What to do in the meantime?  Just follow your doctor's orders and take your insulin at the scheduled time.  Try to keep your blood sugars at bay with diet and exercise.  Doing all these things will prevent complications at birth.  High blood sugar in pregnant moms causes the baby to be much bigger at birth which can lead to injury to the little one at birth.  It will also suffer low blood sugar after birth which can be dangerous for the baby.  There is a lot at stake when it comes to having a healthy pregnancy for a mother who has gestational diabetes.  Everything you do is for the best for you and the baby. 

Are there any women who have had gestational diabetes and would like to share their experiences?