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Hello everyone, I'm very new to diabetes and I have just been diagnosed with Type 1 a little over a week ago. I've already changed my diet and set up an exercise regime. So far my doctor wants me to check my blood glucose levels three times a day. The question I have is whether taking insulin is bad for me. Why is being on insulin viewed as being bad? Or, maybe that isn't true. Is that just a psychological thing or is there a physical reason. Can anyone help me with this, I'd really like to know. Does anyone else feel like insulin is bad to take? Thanks.


Hi, I'm not sure why you think being on insulin is bad other than you read that on a forum perhaps. Insulin is not bad. If you need to take it then you need to take it. There's nothing bad about that. Without it, you could die. So long as you don't abuse insulin, there should be no problem. The whole idea is to keep your blood sugar levels in a reasonable range to prevent complications such as nervous system damage and cardiovascular issues. So what could be so bad about that. Just make sure you keep a healthy diet and continue to exercise and that will help you keep the amount of insulin you need to a minimum. Don't go the opposite way and think you eat whatever you want and take more insulin. That's a no no. So, insulin is not viewed as being bad. It's unfortunate that many of us have to take it but that is necessary. Since you are type 1 you need to be very careful monitoring your blood glucose levels and don't skimp on you needs. Essentially your pancreas isn't making this hormone which you must have so the only way to get it is by taking it. There is nothing wrong about that.