It has been thought previously that children simply could not form memories. However, the truth is that their memory fades away so easily, the researchers have found.

The reason everyone thought that babies couldn’t have personal memories is because no one could recollect anything that happened to them before age 3.

Scientists have found that babies as young as six months do remember things, are able to encode past events and that these memories could last for at least a year. They found this by monitoring the electrical activity and conducting simple tests of attention and showed how 8 month old babies can remember things just like adults do.

After the 18th month, the memories start to last much longer as their brains start developing networks to store and retrieve the neuro-chemical essence of things past.

A six months year old baby can remember things for about 24 hours while a 2 year old can remember things for at least a year.

So, the secret seems to be in forgetting. Young children forget much faster than adults.