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Hi Guys,

I wonder if you can help me out. About a week ago I noticed a small lump on my scrotum, it is not connected to the testicles, rather it is on the sack. It formed a bit of a white head so I squeezed it to pop it, it did not hurt and some yellow puss come out. It mostly went away but I could feel a bit of it still there. Over the past two days it has started to swell pretty badly, the top is now clearly elevated above the rest of the sack and where it once had a white head it is now purple. Below the purple is expands to about 2-3cm wide and about 2cm deep and it feels much harder. The purple bit on the top is really soft and I think that it is ready to pop or be drained or something.

From reading on the internet it seems as though it is a form of cyst that may have become infected but I am not sure. I have access to some penecillin so started taking that last night but today it has got a little bigger and now the purple top hurts as it scrapes against my legs.

I called my doctors who said thaty they cannot see me for a week (oh how I love the NHS sometimes) but I cant have it like this another week. What should I do, I am taking penecillin therefore should I pop it and drain it as best I can and keep the wound clean and topped up with anti-bacterial cleaning stuff or should I leave it be untill I can finally see a doctor in a week - I cant see how I can go on like this for a whole week.

Any help or advice is appreciated, I am really concerned about if I should try a controlled homemade draining or not?


I have an update just incase anyone else out there has something similar.

This morning in the shower it popped on its own from nothing more than a blast of water and dear lord I have never seen so much puss in my life - all yellow mixed with a tiny bit of blood. I would say that about 90% of the bulk that bizarly felt hard turned out to actually be puss, there is still a tiny bit there but it is no longer huge. Most of it come out on its own when it popped but I physically squeezed as much extra out as I could.

I am still taking anti-biotics and am also reguarly spaying it with anti-septic stuff (Savlon spray) and the wound seems to be slowly healing. The wound itself is a tiny hole (about 1mm in diameter) which seems very deep, at the top I have cleaned the puss and it is fairly clean, at the bottom there is clearly blood from the base of the scrotum skin and it has not yet scabbed over or anything. I suspect that it will close naturally so my primary concern is keeping it infection free.

My biggest worry is that there is still some infected stuff in there and it will all come back again, in which case I will have to drag myself to the doctors but as it popped on its own accord I figure I may as well give it a day or two to see if it gets re-infected or not.