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earlier today i was in the restroom and finished my business. i was just simply looking over myself and noticed what looks like a pimple. can you get pimples on your scrotum sack? also i tried to pop it and nothin so i waited and tried a couple more times. the last time i looked to see if it was just simply an ingrown hair so i pulled it and then popped it. some clear stuff came out,then a little bit of blood came out also,somewhat like a pimple. what do i think about this situation? and what should i do?


It's hard to say what it is/was at this stage.

You may have been right that it was an ingrown hair, or it might have been just a clogged pore.

In any case, you popped it and broke the skin, so it's too late to caution against that.

Now that you have a break in the skin, you can care for it like any cut... keep it clean, and dry if possible, and maybe treat it with a little first aid cream or anti-biotic ointiment, but I wouldn't think it's going to be an issue. Keep an eye on it, but don't obsess over it. It is likely to be over without your noticing it again.