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Hi. I'm 28 year old male and have some personal concerns I wanna raise here. I've being noticing that the color of my sperm is green. I've had girlfriends whom I'm sure would have made them pregnant but are not. Instead they get pregnant to the next guy. I've observed that for the past 6 years and have just broken up with my wife without children, cause she found me on drugs. Please tell me does the color of semen give any indication of infertility? How or what can I do to be fertile, Please tell me?


Hi Tarxmahn,

You do drugs?  That is probably the main culprit of being infertile.  Do you smoke as well, cigarettes and other?

Drugs, smoking, obesity are the 3 main causes of infertility in males.  Smoking and drugs confuse the sperm which causes them to not know what to do - quitting brings them back to know what their jobs are to do.  Obesity is kind of the same.  Sperm production will lessen as well with these activities.

The green color in the sperm is probably due to infection or diet.  You should see a urologist or fertility specialist or both for when and if you want to ever start a family, then you can tell a future wife that you are working on it or are doing this.

Good luck and hope this helps