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Okay, I am going to sound like a total id**t but... I am a hardcore drinker (minimum 6+ drinks a night, right now I have at least 12 in me and I am able to write all of this without any sort of editing). I realize that I have a problem, and I intend to deal with this issue as soon as.... my wife gets pregnant. We have a beautiful girl, 18 months old, no infertility issues with her, she was conceived au-natural, despite my drinking. Brilliant kid, almost knows the whole alphabet at a year and a half old. Musta done something good... Now it's 9 months since we started trying and we've been using Cholmid for three months now and nada. Any non- "hey dumbass stop drinking" suggestions? I wear boxers always and I change into pajama pants as soon as I get home from work, and I take supplements (zinc, vitamin c, multivitamin, L-Lycine, beta carotene). Aside from the drinking I am very healthy, I eat mostly vegetarian and exercise "moderately" (not training for a marathon but I'm not Jabba the Hutt).

FYI, if anyone (read: anyone reading this) is wondering why I drink so much: for several years I was sexually abused as a child. It can be a joke on some TV programs but in reality it f**ks with you for life. I'm sorry if my vulgarity offends anyone, I can edit the post to *** stuff out if that is desired. That's as detailed as I'll ever get with that sh*t. This has made me 1) a hardcore drinker, and 2) an extremely protective father of my daughter. I'm also a writer with an English degree that practically worships the Boston Red Sox, but that's another issue. And FYI, my wife knows I was abused, but she doesn't know how much it's screwed with me. She doesn't know how much I think and drink, if you will. I love her and want to protect her and especially my daughter from assholes like my abuser.


Just a few more choice bits of information: I was sexually abused by a male, so that makes me very protective of my wife and my daughter. Also, when we conceived my daughter I was drinking exactly the same as I am now. I wish I could be sober forever and enjoy the joy that my life does present me but at times during the day almost everyday I think of ... and I take a drink, and then my body and brain tells me to have another and then another and then I'm writing like an id**t on an internet forum at 1:30am.


Alcohol can derail conception but if you and your wife conceived before with no problem, it is probably just a matter of time. Have you been checked out by your doctor? May be nothing but "slow swimmers"
My x brother in law is an alcoholic, has been since 14 years old. He is now 40 with 3 kids.

I was abused by my mothers boyfriends when i was a little girl. I am also protective of my kids.
You can't let alcohol be your crutch. I was raised with alcoholics, not a day went by in our home that i didn't witness some body falling down drunk, or an argument breaking out at midnight, or the cops being called by the neighbors.

This is my third marraige. My "now" husband of 10 years was a full blown drunk. Normal people have coffee in the morning, he had beer. Breakfast lunch and dinner was liquid. He was so bad that when he would sweat, you could smell the booze.
He quit cold turkey on Super Bowl Sunday, 15 years ago. He has never looked back.
I would never call you a "dumb ass" you sound very intelligent.
You can stop drinking, but you will probably need some help. There are tons of meeting places for you to go to. You just have to make up your mind to stop. But why wait until your wife gets pregnant, as that could take a while. You can experience the joys that life brings, and not thru blood shot eye balls.
Honey, if i had 3 days to give you, i could tell you stuff about my childhood and some of my adult life that would make your hair turn gray.
You would probably wonder why i didn't jump out of a window a long time ago.
Abandonment, alcohol, serious drug abuse, sexual abuse, affairs, divorces, abortions...yikes, i'm starting to scare myself again.
I know it feels good to drink your troubles way, but when you sober up, they are still in your face.
You have a beautiful child and a wonderful women who loves you dearly.
I am sure you want to be around to walk (not stumble) your little girl down the aisle.
We are the masters of our own perils. We are the only ones who can control what we do. You are in the drivers seat of your own life.

The first thing you may want to do is see your doctor. Just have a sample checked out. Then go from there. You may be worried because your wife is not conceiving fast enough, which worries you enough to drink more.
Unless you do something to help yourself, it is not going to get better. Your going to be drunk from here on in. Talk to a counselor, get to some meetings, and live the happy life that you want and deserve. Life looks so much happier when your not looking at it thru cloudy eyes, and so does your little girl.