:( My dad who is in his seventys was diagnosed with lung cancer. Thank God, it is in stage one! The bad news is he has a heart condition where the heart valve sometimes sticks. The lung cancer surgeon says he could likely get the cancer completely out, but won't attempt to till the heart is fixed. My dad has had so much heart surgery over the years that he doesn't want anymore. He has been told it could be dangerous to do anything further. The other option of chemo is not good either because he is weak and anemic. He can't afford to lose weight, being overly thin already. Also, the strain of vomiting could be rough on his malfunctioning heart valve. That leaves radiation, which also carries risks. But my niece told me of something else which she called radiation injection medication , administered through the veins. I am assuming she means radioisotope therapy. My question is regarding its safety to elderly persons who are frail and have a heart condition. There seems to be so little info on the internet! Is this a newer, more experimental treatment? I appreciate your answers. Sincerely, a concerned daughter