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I am going on vacation abroad and will be flying for the first time since I was started on insulin. Did anyone have any problems while on the airport during the check in and control before you go to the terminal? I'll be flying for 12 hours and thus will need to take an insulin shot in-between. Are needles considered a ''weapon''? Will they prohibit me from carrying them onto the plane. I will have a doctor's statement saying I am a dibetic and am required to have insulin and needles with me. thank you


There shouldn't be any issues at all with getting through airport security.  I would advise you keep your diabetes supplies in a plastic bag so they can visualize it, and that should take care of any "suspicion" they may have.  It is such a common thing for a people with diabetes to be taking such things on board with them, airport personnel should be aware of such items coming across all the time.  I don't believe you need a doctor's statement but make sure your vial has the prescription visible.  I don't foresee any problems with you taking your supplies on the plane.  Have a safe trip!