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So like a week or so ago me and my boyfriend had sex and it was my first time and we didn't use protection (i know bad ) and i was on the last days of my period when this happened andI don't know if its to early to tell or if I'm just stressing about being pregnant or if I'm pmsing he said he pulled out but I've been having symptoms like I've been having back pains and stomach pains and I don't eat like I normally do and I have had pains in my boobs to so can someone tell me if its to early to tell? Or What's going on ?..


It is highly unlikely you are pregnant. The most likely time for youto get pregnant is 14 days after the first day of your period when you ovulate. That is the day when you normally have pain between periods, The best thing you can do is time the days between your periods & on the 15th day (I guess) take a pregnancy test. Obtain a kit from your pharmacy. Don't have unprotected sex in futur