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I heard a soft tearing sound when yanking on an object at shoulder level, what seemed very close to my ear. No pain immediately but the pain grew over the evening and I have had steady decline in condition over 5 months with neck, scapula, clavicle pain. The ache is under the clavicle, the nerve pain is intermitted without provocation but can be provoked by pressing on or around c5, c6 or perhaps my cervicle rib (first rib perhaps). The nerve pain can be provoked by sitting against the back of some chairs, curved or soft. Seat belt and bra staps irritate.  I have had an MRI, MRA with negative findings.  The MRA pictured me with my arm to the side and my arm elevated but showed no effect to the artery. I noticed last night that my radial pulse dissapears with shoulder elevation and scapular adduction. I may be wrong, but I think the key to figuring it out relies on understanding the tear.  Any ideas what could have torn and created this condition woud be most appreciated! 


I used to have problems with pain going from my shoulder to my hands, with numbness, tingling, and pain for the longest time.  I had a test done called an EMG, or electromyogram, to check the nerve response in my arm.  Perhaps this is the type of test you need to see if you are having some kind of nerve involvement with your thoracic area and your neck/scapular region. If you believe that your blood flow is impended by how you position your arm, you should tell the doctor about this.  It could be a clue to what is going on with you as well.