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I had a needle for tendonitis in my shoulder. My shoulder and arm have become so weak. My doctor said he might have hit a nerve cluster/bundle with the needle. He has not elaborated on this, but it is aprox 5 months and my arm and shoulder are still atrophied. Strength is coming back very slowly but I would like to know what is in store for me as far as recovery. I cannot work yet due to lack of strength. I have been tested for neurological and muscular disorders and it all points to the needle hitting the nerve.


I was scheduled to have neck surgery but was also having shoulder pain. The doctor suggested cortisone in the shoulder to relieve the pain and see how much was the shoulder and how much from the neck. On Oct. 9, I had the shot and about a week later my left arm was dead. Called the doctor and he moved the surgery up and seemed to think it was a coincidence and after surgery I would be OK. It's been 5 months since the shot and 4 months since the surgery and I still have no left arm movement. EMG showed I have no bicep function which is what allows the arm to bend and lift. Running out of patience, looking for some answers. It seems you can't get doctors to agree on anything. One says he could have hit a nerve and another says there's no way a nerve could be hit. I don't know if I'm dealing with the medical profession or if these guys are running for office. It seems it's a game of COVER YOUR ASS.