I have irregular periods....I have been on medication which my obgyn said i would start ovulating on those when im regulated (blood sugar). That was quite a few months ago. I got a period on December 24th and was a regular period. I had intercourse on January 6th. I have been having strong PMS symptoms the week of the 21stish of January. I am so confused since I do not get regular periods. So for my body to be going thru this around the exact same time as last time makes me wonder what is going on. However the sex on the 6th was unprotected. My symptoms have been extreme exhaustion i could sleep 24 hours a day and when  i wake after sleeping ten hours I feel like cant stay awake all day. I am also having bad nausea and I work midnights and have been fine, i get sleepy but nothing like this and every morning at 4am this last week only I get very nauseated and gaggy. Two weeks ago I was eating everything under the sun I was so hungry. Now food makes me nauseated but i force to eat. I also have tender breasts ( not bad) and I am peeing alot. I am just wondering if im pregnant. I took 3 tests and were negative but i was told by a friend that diabetics can have alot of negatives. Im so confused im hoping someone can give me some advice or been thru this. Thanks :)