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Iam 49 years old I woke up two night ago with itching on the soles of my feet which then started on my hands The itching became so bad that I went to the doctor and told me it was a fungus on my feet that cause my hands to itch when i scrathed my foot.

I am on a antifungal creme and claritan. SO far I am feeling fine, but after my itital use of the cream i had a few rashes on my body and so bumps. Some itchy some not. THis was before i took the claratine.

My doctor wants me to conttinue using the cream.

MY questing is this. Why would a fungus on my feet cause my hands to itch so much...........


Fungus is very likely to pass onto hands. It may not be as bad as on the feet because hands are often washed but you may get some flaky skin, redness and itchiness. This is even more likely if the fungal feet infection is not treated. Fungus from feet could even spread as far as the face.
When you are applying the creams, make sure you have something on your hands and also wash them every time. Otherwise you are more likely to experience itchy hands. The infection on hands will never get as bad as the one you have on your feet but why go through it when you can avoid it.