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How long do coronary grafts last


Hello Danny,

Coronary artery grafts when done properly can last a long time with regular care.  If you want to bypass a coronary blockage you can do this by insertion of a graft which can be done two ways using arteries or veins.  Making an arterial conduit makes use of the internal mammary artery and it lasts the longest.  Most of these grafts are patent after ten years and they have been reported to be good for 25 years.  On the other hand, vein grafts tend to degenerate with build up of atherosclerosis which can cause blood clots and occlusion.  In about 5 years almost half of the vein grafts have become occluded and these patients need to have a second graft done.  Within 10 years  about 75 percent of patients have occluded veins.  About 50 percent of these patients will need a bypass graft or angioplasty.