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Hi everyone,

Yesterday it was my 37th birthday. I have really busy social life, business life , and I just can’t go into the gym because I don’t have a time to do that. And, that makes me sad. So, I was telling this to my friends, and they were so kind, so they bought me AB Rocket for birthday.

I am really grateful, but they told me that this machine is so powerful that I don’t even need to go into the gym.

I will use it, that is for sure, but I want to know is AB Rocket really the perfect machine, or I still need to exercise into the gym as well?

Thank you! 


Hey there,

I am always trying to help everyone who are really busy, because I really do know how the feeling is when you don’t have any time for yourself.  So, I have AB Rocket as well, and an almost one month ago, I started to use it very, very often. I must say that now, when I look back, when I see my old photos, I can say that I see some progress, even if I don’t use it for month now.

I think that is perfect machine, and there is no need for you to go into the gym. All you need to do is practice all the time, eat healthy and walk.

You will be happy with the results.




Hello there,

I believe that AB Rocket is not a perfect machine, but I still do believe that this one is the best so far. I was using it, now I find it very hard to use it, I don’t know why :) I am just pretty lazy :D

Now, you will need to do some other activities, such are walking, maybe some running and of course, some healthy diet program.

That is the only way when you are going to be able to see some results.

Please, listen my advice. I am telling you something that can be really good for you.

Enjoy darling.

Good luck!