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Hey there,

As many of you, I have very busy life, and unfortunately I don’t have a lot of time to go to the gym. Sometimes I exercise at home, but I don’t see any effects. Maybe I don’t do the right thing, maybe I don’t exercise like I would if I had trainer.

I wanted to buy running tape or something like that, because I have some extra space in my garage. But then my husband told me to buy AB rocket because it is cheap and it is extra solution for the weight loss.

I don’t know much about it, so I hope that you can tell me more?



Hey Inna,

OMG I totally forgot about AB rocket :) OMG, I have one in my garage as well, and I haven’t use it for years now. I think that I am going to find it as soon as possible, because I was so satisfied with it :) It helped me alot. I remember, when I bought it, AB rocket was so popular and I think that it was not so cheap :) But, now I believe that is cheap and the most important thing, it is effective. You can put it almost everywhere :)

If you have a chance, buy it.

It is amazing! 



Hey everyone,

I remember that I got AB rocket for a gift from my parents for my 18 birthday :) It is nice to know that you are fat and that your parents know that lol :)

First two years, this one was in my attic, I totally forgot about it. One day, when I was moving out from my parent’s house to my own flat, and I started using it. It was amazing. It was not so cheap, but it was the cheapest solution in that time.

I believe that this hasn’t changed :)

It is totally ok, and it is helpful.

Have a nice day!