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 Hello. I’ve been having troubles lately regarding my weight. I gain approximately 5 pounds every month.

At first I didn’t even notice the difference, but now I am about 40 pounds over weighed and it is really starting to bother me. I can’t even make it up the stairs without having a break after every floor.

My dad offered to buy me Ab circle pro. He saw a commercial and he thought I may use it. I am not a fan of exercising machines, but I think I don’t have any choice.

Do you know anything about this machine? Is it really going to help me lose my extra weight?


I don’t know much about this machine. I saw the commercial and I thought it is probably very effective. It really seems that way when you watch all those people doing exercises with it.

A neighbor who is very obese bought it last summer so he can exercise with it at home since he hated going to the gym.

First of all, the machine was very weak. And when I say weak, I wanna say that it looked as it can break any minute under a lot of pressure. And my neighbor has about 220 pounds so it is really not convenient for him to use it.

I also remember him complaining about his back pain while he was using it.  



Hello all.

Not only it is not effective, this machine is not healthy. I bought it last year. My friend convinced me to buy it, I myself didn’t like the idea from the beginning. I actually gave it to him as a present later.

First of all there is the weight issue Sam I_am mentioned. If you are obese it would probably be of no use for you.

Second of all, as I said before, this machine is not healthy. It puts a tremendous amount of stress and compression on your low back. You will notice that the first time you try it. You could get seriously injured.



I had no idea Ab circle pro is that bad. I loved the commercials and ever sense they started emitting them I always wanted to have one.

A year ago, our family friend bought it for his teenage daughters. A couple of times, when I came to visit them, they showed me the machine and the way it works. By watching them exercise with it, I though it is the easiest thing ever.

But then when I tried, it was terrible. It hurt my knees and I had to come off of it.

The girls say they did achieve losing weight with it though.