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Hello. I want to lose weight and I have been searching for a way to do that for more that a year. Nothing ever works. I decided to quit diet plans and programs since they obviously don’t show any results, and to find a proper exercising plan to follow.

 I have found this guy online that sells his Ab cicrcle pro. He says he bought it, used it for a week or two, and now he is selling it.

I wanted to buy it since it has a very reasonable price, but it seems suspicious to me the fact that he is selling it right away.

Does using this machine have some negative side effects?


You are right, there is a reason to be suspicious. Why would he sell it only a week or two after he bought it? You will notice people do that massively.  It is because the product doesn’t show good results, on the contrary, it shows some bad ones.

For example, you will hear people saying it is bad for their knees and  it is very uncomfortable.  Some people encountered back pain after two or three weeks of using this machine.

It is not healthy. Even though he is giving you a reasonable price, I still think you should not buy it.



I don’t recommend it. It sure has side effects. And very unpleasant ones.

I ordered this machine from ebay after I saw the commercial on tv. I used it for about three weeks. I am not going to talk about the problems which I had with the machine itself (I had to fix it).

After those 3 weeks I stopped using it and that’s where it all began. I started feeling pain. First it was just lower back pain but then it started getting worse. It went from my neck all the way to lower spine.  

It was really, really terrible.