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Hey there,

So after a while, I have decided to start using AB rocket again. I have it for many years now, and as far as I can remember I was using it while I was very young, so I don’t know have I use it at the way I should use it :)

I have to say that I spend whole day looking for some videos on the yotube, some tutorial videos that can help me learn more about exercising with AB rocket.

Now, I am not sure at the one thing – will I be able to lose my weight if I exercise?

Does AB rocket really work for weight loss?

Thank you! 


Good day folks,

Yes it works if you are willing to eat healthy and exercise at least three times a week for an half of hour. If you are planning to exercise for ten minutes without some diet program that you will combine with it, than you should let you AB rocket sleep in some room, in some corner :)

This is cool way to exercise at home, but you have to follow every single step that you will follow if you are at some gym or if you are in some fitness program.

Try it. It works. Good luck! 



Good day,

AB rocket is great. I don’t have it, but my friend has one and she does exercise every day, but for about 20 minutes. I must say that I have had really good fun working out with this, but I hate crunches :/ It is hard for me to do it, and I just wanna stop :) My friend is totally different, because she does it all. But, I must say that I like AB rocket because it works and the most important thing – it is not that expensive :) I can say that it is cheap :D

Have a nice day!