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I have recently done EKG (which I did not take in years) and it looks like I have right bundle branch block and I must admit that I am very frightened. Now, I am waiting for some additional results but I would like to know if this condition is life threatening? Does anyone know?


Well, I would lie if I would tell you that you have nothing to worry about. Still, BBB is something that might be present in a completely normal heart. I suppose that those additional results will show whether the situation is serious or not. And usually, left bundle branch block may cause some severe problems. Anyway, I suppose you will be receiving a proper therapy very soon.


Bundle branch block is a condition in which there's a delay or obstruction along the pathway that electrical impulses travel to make your heart beat. Bundle branch block can occur in people who appear healthy, and it's often a sign of another underlying heart problem.

Injury or damage to the heart muscle or blockage of a blood vessel in your heart can slow or block the electrical impulses that make your heart beat. Even though interference with the impulses may last for only a fraction of a second, that may be enough to cause bundle branch block. Bundle branch block sometimes makes it harder for your heart to pump blood forcefully and efficiently through your circulatory system.

Although bundle branch block itself often requires no direct treatment, you'll need treatment of any underlying health condition that could cause bundle branch block, such as coronary heart disease.

You may be born with the condition (congenital) and have bundle branch block for years without knowing it. This is particularly true with bundle branch block that occurs on the right side of your heart, which tends to be less serious than is left bundle branch block. There's some good news!!

The complications of bundle branch block are similar whether the blockage is on the right or left side of your heart, but for people who have a left side bundle branch block, complications are often more common. Complications include:

1. Slow heart rate
2. Heart arrhythmia
3. Cardiac arrest or sudden cardiac death

There's no specific treatment for many cases of bundle branch block. Most people with bundle branch block are symptom-free and don't need treatment. Nevertheless, you may need to treat the underlying heart condition causing bundle branch block.

Treatment of underlying conditions may involve using medications to reduce high blood pressure or lessen the effects of heart failure.

Artificial pacemakers
For some people with bundle branch block and a history of fainting, doctors may recommend implanting an artificial pacemaker.

To reduce your risk of heart-related problems that can lead to or worsen bundle branch block, you can:

1. Stop smoking
2. Control blood pressure
3. Reduce the dietary cholesterol and fat in your meals
4. Keep your weight at normal levels
5. Exercise regularly
6. Control diabetes


What if your liver is not filtering and have lBBB