Okay, so I had sex October 11th and October 31st. I normally start my period around the 16th of every month give or take a day. I don’t have irregular periods. When I am on my period I am a huge b***h. I get severe cramping every day of it and it lasts 5 - 6 days. I have had lower back pain for about 2 weeks now and it has been getting a little worse. I had a severe headache 2 nights ago. My feet are ALWAYS freezing cold. For the past two weeks I have had so many emotions that I don’t know what to do with so I just cry. I haven’t felt myself at all. Also, I’m happy which isn’t normal haha. I started spotting on the 8th of this month which is a week before my period should start. It then turned into blood but I have absolutely no blood clots but I did have like 3 specs of blood that looked like super tiny ones. I heard that could be a miscarriage along with my back pain. It is day 3/4 of me spotting/bleeding. Last night the blood stopped so I thought it was implantation bleeding but it started back up again this morning. I took a test but it came up negative. I got tested for a uti and a cyst and I don’t have either. I have no period cramps. Just on and off side cramps and the other day I had a cramp in my thigh. My back doesn’t stop hurting though. Am I pregnant? Am I having a miscarriage? Am I having an irregular period?